Back When I Didn't Know No Better the Ghetto Wonder Years by Joey Covington  

Back When I Didn't Know No Better by Joey Covington book cover.

Back When I Didn't Know no Better: the Ghetto Wonder Years by Joey Covington (Buy Now!

Back When I Didn't Know no Better - Audio Book "Chapter 1" Read by Steven "Imp The Great" Laws

Back when I Didn't Know No Better, a Harlem coming of age story. A story that chronicles the life of Harlem teenager Joey during the periods 1969-1983. After a year and a half stay in a millionaire gated mansion community in Seattle Washington, where he lived with his Aunt and his Uncle who was a butler for the rich white family they lived with. The whole year and a half stay all 12-year-old Joey could think of was the Harlem streets Avenues family and many friends he left behind.  

His Mom a factory worker who only works to cover up her husband's street activity's. His Dad a professional conman numbers man and loan shark highly respected in the streets of Harlem since the early 1940s and friend of Harlem legendary gangster Bumpy Johnson. Who escorted Joey on his first plane ride in 1964 from N.Y. to D.C.  

Joe returns home from Seattle. Be it ever so humble there's no place like Harlem. It never occurs to him he's changed since he's been gone, no more slang he now speaks with almost perfect diction. Once getting back to Harlem his old buddies find it amusing and funny that Joey has changed while he was away, it's even funnier when Joe recites the Gettysburg address and Declaration of Independence from start finish. Joey’s proper ways will only last a month or so before he ain't speaking so proper no more, and with help from his friends learn how to steal smoke and hustle.  

He falls in love with his first girlfriend, trying to save her life from drugs & the junkies he learns of drugs and the drug trade. Using & selling at the age of 14. Although through it all there's something bigger in life. His dream is to get into show business, but he just doesn't know how to start. Until he figures out a way. The only thing he has to look up to are the sign of the times the Superfly's, Mack's, and neighborhood number men and Pimps who battle for turf.  

1982 after his Dad is kidnapped things really start to change. This is not only the story of Joey, but of a neighborhood and a time of boyhood friends, Junior, Red, Shorty, Flip, Tee & Wax and Zack. A story of Boys to Men, a story of ups and downs setbacks and triumph. It's a Drama, It's a Love story, It's a Comedy & Tragedy. It's The Ghetto Wonder Years, It's Back When I didn't Know no Better."  

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Three Types of Human Snakes Who's Hiss You Should Believe 

Three Types of Human Snakes Who's Hiss You Should Believe 

Once a human snake bites you, don't get mad if you allow them to bite you again.

Let's identify three human snake types: 

Human Snake

01. The Greedy Snake - This person is self-centered whereas he or she would rather not win at all if it meant you winning alongside he or she. They'll steal your ideas, utilize all you have to offer and claim all the benefits and proceeds. 

02. The Tabonu Snake - This is typically a person you've known for years and they've never once supported you in any meaningful way. Example: You gave them tickets to your show and they showed up. You had a grand opening at your new restaurant and they came for the free meal.

This person is called a "Tabonu Snake" because they like to keep a tab-on-you as far as your business and career is concerned. They're just checking in and hoping you haven't progressed, because that makes them feel good.

03. SWTE (swa-tee) Snake - This is the most deadliest of the human snakes as it's name is an acronym that means "Sleeping With The Enemy Snake". This type of snakes can bring about death as it shares your pillow-talk, business secrets, personal business, etc. with others as well as your competitors and enemies.

This snake is charming and causes it's victims to fall in love. This snakes cuddles up next to its victim with larceny in its deceitful heart.


How To Identify and Avoid Human Snakes

The sad truth is identifying human snakes is really difficult to do until you've been bit or forewarn about someone from a trusted source. Human snakes are really good at hiding their hidden agenda.

Once you've identified a human snake avoid them at all cost. Stop talking to these type of people whether family, friend or foe. Be cordial in passing, but save the small talk because you've got bigger things on your mind.

Don't let you kindness be your weakness. They've shown you who they are now believe them. Unless cuddling up with a snake at night is more important than your success. 

To all the positive outgoing entrepreneurs. Stay snake free for the 2023 and I wish you the best of health, happiness and success.

To all the smile in your face cowardly snakes who sit amongst people and pretend to be their friends may you catch a one-hour Charlie-Horse every night for the rest of your life.



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